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Villa Buonvisi – Bagni alla Villa, 55027 Bagni di Lucca
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This mansion, built between 1558 and 1570 by one of the richest families of the Lucchesi merchants, is situated in the county town. Their fortune derived from the silk trade and banking, making them one of the most powerful families in Lucca. They actively took part in the government of Lucca, 45 Gonfaloniers and 126 Seniors of the Republic belonging to the family were numbered. Above the main entrance, the coat of arms representing the red beretta reminds the visitor that the Buonvisi family, on their family tree, had three cardinals. The Lucchese branch of the family came to an end in the 18th century and the property went to the noble Montecatini, which in 1812 was sold to John Webb. In 1978 the building was given to the Municipality and from 2010 has been under the Vicarial Val di Lima as seat of the association. The Association has created within the mansion an armory with costumes of the period, crossbows, arquebuses, swords and other military equipment. The 14th century kitchen has been rebuilt and restored and contains utensils of the past. On the 1st floor one can admire various games dating back to the 14th century up to today in particular those which provided evening amusement for the visitors to the local casino.