Museo della Memoria


Piazza Marconi, 4 – 55023 Borgo a Mozzano (LU)
Opening Hours
Monday at 15.00 to 18.00 , Thursday at 9.00 to 13.00

The Museum can be visited at other times by reservation


0583 888881 – 0583 820441
347 7167559 (Piergiorgio Pieroni)
347 9402087 (Marcello Martini)

The museum of remembrance in Borgo a Mozzano dates back to 1995, from the first proposals for the setting up of a committee for the restoration and valorization of the fortifications of the Gothic line, which are well preserved in the area. Visiting this museum completes the visit along the fortifications made up of galleries, bunkers and shooting stations hewed out of the rock. Here you can also find a geological collection which traces the history of the municipal territory. Ligurian and Etruscan artefacts belonging to the area are on display, a graphic documentation of via Clodia that shows the main archaeological sites over and above the reproduction of models of local wild and domestic animals and a collection of minerals.
Regarding the part dedicated to the memorial museum the exposed objects represent the testimony of war events and most of them have been donated by private owners.
In the archaeological part the artefacts come from the area of Borgo a Mozzano: clay material of Ligurian origin discovered near Foci di Gello, a Ligurian tomb brought to the light in 1974 at Piano della Rocca, animal remains and Etruscan little fragments datable to between the 7th and 3rd cent B.C discovered in the Antro della Paura di Giovianoinl 1974, and human remains found in a cave in Località Pastino, probably dating back to the early Middle Ages.
On request guided visits to the numerous fortifications of the Gothic Line can be organized. These have been set up by the Committee responsible for the main monuments of the territory (The Devil’s Bridge, parishes, convents, hermitages and the fortifications of the Lucca Republic).